Vision Priorities 1-5

Vision Priority 1

Be financially stable and positioned to provide services.

Goal 1:  The Center will explore and establish short and long term funding mechanisms.

Goal 2:  Cultivate relationships with current donors and funders.


Vision Priority 2

Maintain a positive internal climate conducive to work and service provision.

Goal 1:  Practice teamwork among staff and Board.

Goal 2:  Build staff cohesion by promoting intra-component involvement.


Vision Priority 3

Anticipate, recognize and respond to community need.

Goal 1:  Be leaders in community education to respond to service needs.

Goal 2:  Be involved on local, regional and state levels relevant to our professions.

Goal 3:  Continually gather information on trends, issues and gaps in the community.

Goal 4:  Develop and expand programs responsive to community need, within our mission.


Vision Priority 4

Be recognized as a resource for effective quality training.

Goal 1:  Develop and implement a highly visible marketing plan for our training services.

Goal 2:  Be responsive to community training needs within the agency’s mission.

Goal 3:  Encourage staff to develop and enhance areas of expertise.


Vision Priority 5

Maintain effective internal systems conducive to work and service provision.

Goal 1:  Leadership Team develop plans at least twice per year to upgrade orientation, provide training, increase staff as needed, and upgrade training and technology resources.

Goal 2:  Agency policies and procedures to be reviewed and updated by June 30 of each year in order to meet the needs of the staff and agency.

Goal 3:  The Executive Director of the agency to be responsible to initiate and monitor the organizational planning process to make sure that the cycle of planning continues.